Accelerate Complex Credit Analysis and Risk Monitoring

EnFi™ Powers AI Assistants for Bank and Private Lending Origination, Underwriting and Portfolio Management Teams

Pre-qualify leads to quickly narrow your funnel

Streamline your sales pipeline with AI that identifies and prequalifies prospects for origination - assess more lending opportunities and quickly narrow the funnel.

Gather, assess, verify, and summarize raw data from borrowers, public, and private sources.

Leverage automated data collection and sophisticated AI analysis to accelerate and refine the diligence process, ensuring accuracy and speed.

Monitor and predict changes in risk continuously throughout the loan life.

Stay ahead of risks with Continual Risk Analysis™, which proactively assesses your portfolio and alerts on covenant violations and potential future risks.

Monitor risk with EnfI

Syndicate loans with partner lenders to expand your capacity

Each invited lender can opt to participate in the deal and access the information necessary to underwrite and monitor their piece of the loan.

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EnFi™ is breaking new ground
with the power of AI

EnFi harnesses the power of 10,000 analysts by using the latest AI techniques to match entities, analyze documents, and generate insights.
Gather and analyze

Gather and

Instantly aggregate and analyze borrower data from various sources, employing AI to identify issues and match entities with unparalleled precision. Extract financials automatically and verify the accuracy of the provided data.
Convert complex data


Convert complex data into actionable insights with Generative AI. Summarize findings and produce credit memos and customized reports to illuminate your lending decisions. Maintain full provenance to track insights back to data sources and documents.


Get ahead of potential issues with AI that not only detects risks but also prompts timely alerts, allowing portfolio managers to act swiftly and strategically.

Scenarios and
Stress Testing

Run models like Monte Carlo simulations, stress testing, sensitivity analysis and custom models you create.
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Rest assured that EnFi understands the importance of your data. We leverage leading edge tokenization techniques and are open about our security and compliance policies and approaches.
Frictionless Onboarding


Get up and running with EnFi quickly. No lengthy integration: simply point to a data room or upload documents directly.